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Life on a Tidal River

Ebb and Flow of Bangor History

Work on the Civil War Project

Work with Ms. Dana Lippett of the Bangor Museum and Center for History.
Students and Mr. Bill Cook of the Bangor Public Library.
Mr. David Cheever talking to students.

Throughout the school year 2011-2012 more than 120 7th grade students in Mr. Ron Bilancia's quarterly Maine Studies classes worked on this project. All students received instruction on how to handle artifacts and how to scan these artifacts. They also learned how to do "Good History." One day each week students were divided into four groups: one scanning artifacts with Bill Cook, Bangor Public Library Special Collections librarian, and the other three working with teacher Ron Bilancia, librarian Priscilla Soucie, Bangor Museum and History Center curator, Dana Lippitt and local historians, Dick Shaw and Ned Smith, researching and/or cataloging primary sources to find information on Bangor and the Civil War.

Dressing up in historic clothing is always fun!