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Life on a Tidal River

Ebb and Flow of Bangor History

Doughty Students

We have had a blast with the MCHP project during the 2009-2010 school year!

Here are a few things we learned along the way:

  • Bangor International Airport was named Dow Air Force Base during WWII
  • People had to ration things like gas and sugar!
  • The Bangor Public Library has an amazing collection of Bangor Daily News on microfilm
  • Mrs. Lippitt, the curator at the Bangor Museum and History Center, has loads of artifacts that she allowed us to examine and photograph
  • Our guest speakers, Mr. Higgins and Dr. Wyman, helped make the '40's come alive
  • Mr. Cook, historian at the Bangor Public Library, helped us navigate the world of cataloging and research!

Bangor Public Library Historian Mr. Bill Cook assists a student with choosing items from the Dow Scrapbook.
Students discuss the Flying Torah with Mr. Bill Cook.
Students scan images during a winter break work session at the Bangor Public Library.
Bangor Museum and History Center's Curator, Dana Lippitt, assists students in choosing items for their exhibit.
Mrs. Karen Novak, teacher at JFDS, works with students on the fashion exhibit.
Dani Fazio, from the Maine Historical Society, demonstrates how to correctly shoot three dimensional objects.
A student prepares to shoot a photo of a nurse's uniform from the '40's.